Diary of a Mum/Carer/Would be Entrepreneur (aged 59 and 50 days)

Well loyal followers, this is the first blog of 2018 and what a year it has been so although late I wish you all a Happy 2018!

So family first. Our year ended with a wedding as my son was married on 22 December. I might add he only gave me six weeks notice but we got it organised, from car, to flowers, to cake and venue.  It was a lovely day. He had asked his sister if she would be witness and she agreed. It took three of us to take her shopping to try to persuade her into something suitable and no we couldn’t persuade her into a dress. She got a nice very modest jumpsuit.

On the day itself she was ill, I think it was lack of sleep and worry so we had to tell her she didn’t need to do it and drafted in another family member to take over.

We had been treated to a trip to New York by our son (taking his family on honeymoon) I didn’t like reason as you can see my age, he said he realised we wouldn’t be around for long!!! I knew Kirsty would hate it and I did try to tell my husband but he insisted that she would like the sights.  How wrong was he. On the morning of departure she told us she didn’t want to go, unfortunately by that stage it was too late to make any other arrangements. Kirsty may be 17 but she is a very vulnerable 17 and no way could you leave her. Unlike most mother’s with teenagers I wouldn’t be worried about wild parties -just that she would not get dressed, wouldn’t eat, and she doesn’t do phones except to text.  If the phone rings when we are out she doesn’t answer it. Suffice to say she hated the entire trip and let us know it. I have tried asking why she agrees to something then at last minute lets us all down. It is so frustrating and I don’t know why she is like she is. I love her to bits and wouldn’t change a thing about her because then she wouldn’t be Kirsty. Going to yell here … I JUST WANT HER TO TALK TO ME.

Right.  Got that off my chest. Now for news about my other baby – the business. I am proud to say we now have premises. We are at Unit 31, City East Business Park, Albertbridge Road BT5. It is exciting! We have some work to do, but you are welcome to call any time, just phone or send message in case I am out at meeting.

We have been selling a lot of trousers this month but please check out the specifications of our shirts as they were very popular and you don’t have to take my word for it – just read the reviews. The shirts are ideal for children who don’t normally wear one but need one for confirmation, Holy Communion or wedding.

We hope this year to add polo shirts and jogging bottoms to our range as we have rather concentrated on post-primary basically because school items become much more restricting .  Also do not forget about our tieless laces if your child, or indeed you for medical reasons, have problems with tying laces, these mean you will never have to tie laces again.

Please keep checking out our Facebook Page as we will be running promotions for the next few weeks to celebrate taking on new premises.

Last but not least, Kirsty’s input …

“I am a visual thinker not a language based thinker. My brain is like google images”

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