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Daughter who inspired mother to make clothing for autistic children

When Belfast woman Meta Auden’s daughter was growing up, she realised that little Kirsty had sensory issues with clothes. She tells Stephanie Bell how she decided to set up her own business to help others get clothing for autistic children. 

A big-hearted Belfast mum has developed a range of clothing for children with autism after watching her own daughter struggle to find something comfortable to wear.

Meta Auden loved shopping for fashion for her teenage daughter, Kirsty (18), but realised something was wrong when most of her lovely new clothes remained hidden in her wardrobe.

It was just a few years ago while at a meeting with parents of autistic children that Meta had a lightbulb moment when she realised that Kirsty and many other kids with autism had sensory issues with fabrics and how some clothes were made. So, she set and set up a new business to make and sell clothing for autistic children.

Labels and stitching on everything from socks to shirts, trousers, jumpers and school uniforms can cause problems and sometimes lead to behavioural issues in children with autism.

Read the full article over on the Belfast Telegraph website. 

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