Worry Yummy, Large


Meet Marvin, the Worry Yummy – he’s the largest of our Worry Doll range and is perfect for cuddling and easing your child’s anxiety, whilst giving children who may struggle with communication an additional channel to let mum and/or dad whats causing them concern.

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Say Hello to the “Worry Yummys”, the new cuddly toys that have swept the nation. The idea behind the monsters that eat your worries, is that children write down or draw a picture of what’s upsetting them and put it into the toy’s mouth, which is then zipped shut — banishing their worries.
Our range of Zip-mouthed toys have a simple promise: to take away a child’s anxieties. Youngsters have always worried about things – from the monster lurking under the bed to the sounds of parental conflict downstairs.
Around one in ten youngsters aged five to 16 now has a diagnosed mental-health disorder, with children as young as five being treated for anxiety. So that is where the concept of a Worry Doll was born. They are recommended by psychologists and teachers to act as a waste bin for the fears, troubles and woes that they don’t always tell their parents about.
If you’re looking to provide anxiety relief to your child – whether its their first day of school or afraid of creepy crawlies, the Worry Yummys are here to help…
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