Worry Monsters – Soft Plushy Cuddle Toy That Eats Your Worries

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Does your child struggle with anxious thoughts? Say ‘Hello’ to the Worry Monsters. This is a fantastic tool for winding down those worrying thoughts in the evening before bed whilst also providing an invaluable method for your child to communicate their concerns.


Simply have your child draw a picture or write down what is worrying them and unzip the Worry Monster’s mouth and toss it in before bedtime! Your child can go to sleep knowing the Worry Monster will eat their worry away.

You can then collect the note while your child sleeps, giving you an insight into your child’s anxious thoughts. Once your child wakes up, the Worry Monster has eaten away their worry and mum and/or dad can help tackle the issue.

We have received very positive feedback from parents regarding Worry Eaters, not only has it become a routine part of bedtime for many children, the Worry Monster has opened up an additional channel to communicate worries for those children who have difficulty talking about their feelings.


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