Ankle Crew (Mid Calf) Knee-High
Toddler to UK Infant Shoe 3/Euro 20  Small  Medium
UK Child Shoe 3 to 7/Euro 19-24  Small  Medium  Large
UK Child Shoe 7 to 11/Euro 24-30  Medium  Large  XLarge
UK Shoe 12 to 3/Euro 31-36  Large  XLarge  XXLarge
UK Shoe 4 to 7/Euro 37-40  XLarge  XLarge/XXL**  XXLarge**
UK Shoe 8 Plus/Euro 41+  XXLarge  XXLarge

** Once we get into larger foot sizes, the size and shape of the leg will determine if the sock reaches the knee or not.  If the length is not enough, or for larger sizes see the SmartKnit BIGKIDS range, and the Smartknit Adult range

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