‘Brenda Legge provides a candid account of family life in which her child’s comprehensive and unpredictable hostility towards food occupies centre stage…Harry has a highly restricted range of acceptable foods…Only specific brand names, packaging and flavours are tolerated…Change the colour of the container, attempt to sneak in vitamin supplements, and previously accepted food is shunned…There is a grim humour and pragmatism in this mother’s approach: forget idealistic notions about nutrition and balanced diets; exploit bribery, reward systems and star charts…I am sure many parents will find this book reassuring, whilst the creative problem-solving required to get reluctant eaters to consume more frequently and more diversely is very much in evidence.’
– www.escalate.ac.uk

‘This book is written with the necessary humour of a parent faced with her child’s unabated aversion to the vast majority of foods… Readable, jargon free and pragmatic… This book offers supportive information and suggestions to families. It is also a source of invaluable insight for professional stakeholders.’
– Rostrum


By (author): Brenda Legge

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