Slogan T-shirt


Have your own message on t-shirt (providing not illegal or rude). As our t-shirts are made to be worn either way (no back or front) to them you can wear slogan on back or front

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The latest in our line of slogan t-shirts, Our t-shirts are on the large size with our 17/18 fitting a grown man (and not a slim one). The fabric is very soft to the touch, no itchy seams on inside and if you fancy wearing logo on back, that is not a problem as there is no right or wrong way to put t-shirts on. They can be worn either way. If you have a slogan you would like to see on t-shirt, providing it is not rude or illegal we can do it. Just put in the slogan when you order there is room on order sheet


Black, White


7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17/18