Been There. Done That. TRY THIS!


Temple Grandin, Liane Holliday Wiley, Anita Lesko and many others offer words of wisdom on coping with daily stressors such as self-esteem, employment, friendship, and love. Each chapter is chock full of advice from Aspie mentors who have all been there and done that and ends with recommendations from Asperger’s syndrome expert Dr Tony Attwood.

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“This is the long awaited instruction manual gifting future generations of Aspies with the ideas, strategies, and understanding that will empower them in their own diverse journeys” Donna Williams, author, artist, autism consultant, and public speaker. An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth. The voices in this book are the salve to heal the wounds of the aching soul, ending isolation while shining the light of introspective understanding to people with autism by people with autism

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