We at Spectra like to listen to your comments and we do take on board all that you tell us. We are also interested in products you would like to see us stock.

The first piece of news is that we now stock some new socks. The socks are not 100% seamless, so please keep that in mind. They are however made from bamboo cotton which means they are incredibly comfortable and they are hand sewn at top seam. There is a little bit of the cotton on inside but easily removed, in fact a lady took three pairs for her child last week. As I am tired of saying to people when you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism. This means these socks will not be suitable for everyone, but they are a very good choice and at just £5.00 per pair very reasonable, you can get three pairs for £12.00 and cheaper again for 4 and 5 pairs. They come in very cool colours although you can get them in black. This company is also working on a seamless school sock which they hope to have ready for the return to school in September of this year. See more

The second piece of news that we have, is that we have discovered a new supplier of some of our adaptable clothing range, we will have sleeveless vests with poppers very soon, and also Zip Back PJ’s for those that like to disrobe at night. This company like myself started their business as they have a little boy on spectrum who is non verbal. At the minute they just go up to 9/10 but you can get Mickey Mouse one’s!!!. We have limited stock and sizes of  KayCey still available and we will still be carrying that range and perhaps looking at new styles. So check the website to see what sizes are available and get 30% off. See more


Our last piece of news this month is that we are looking to do a more generous waist sizes on our trousers as we have been told by many that their child does need a larger size in the waist but not longer length, for example they may need a size 17/18 in waist but the trousers are then very long. I have also been asked for a size 40 waist which is roughly two inches above our size 17/18. If this is something that you are looking for please email me at



Lastly I think you should all give yourselves a pat on the back for getting through the last year as I know many of you will have found it very difficult. It certainly had an effect on my daughter and she is twenty now. To be honest I am as apprehensive about coming out of lock down as I was when we went into it..

We are now a Social Enterprise (not for profit company). The pricing is down to the fact that we get our products are manufactured here, as I do think it is doubly important now to support local businesses. There may be bigger news next month as we are looking for ways to improve life for those on the spectrum and who have suffered disproportionately during lockdown

Please sign up to our website if you would like to receive our news or email me at the address above with any questions or queries you may have.

Take care, stay safe.



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