People who have been following us have read the blogs that tell our story in all aspects.  They have shared the good news with us and the not so good.

I have a daughter on autistic spectrum who although had been diagnosed with ADHD was not diagnosed until quite late with autism.

When she was diagnosed I did not know much about autism as is the case of the majority unless they have been touched by it.  I love shopping and I had so looked forward to shopping with my daughter. She hated it, would not say why, she had no interest and wore the same type of clothes every day. It was frustrating and did cause some arguments.  I would see something I thought she would like only for it never to be seen again.

I knew she had sensory issues around noise, but never about anything else. We had to cut labels off but I just put that down to something many people did.  My eyes were well and truly opened when I attended my first class to learn more about autism.  Suddenly everything made sense, I learnt about the sensory issues around clothing, fabrics, labels, and seams. The result being that I went home, opened Kirsty’s wardrobe and asked her to give me everything that she would never wear.  There was not a lot left.

The challenge was putting the changes that needed to be made and making the school shirt and trousers look the same as any other and we have managed that. It took a while but we did get it eventually.

So at the ripe old age of 57 and three quarters I decided to try and do something to help the children and parents and so Spectra Sensory Clothing Limited was born.  It has been a long and sometimes very difficult road but I am glad to say we have made it (nearly).

I hope you find our products to be of benefit to you and your family.


Meta Auden
Founder, Spectra Sensory Clothing


As I have already stated this company started because of my daughter.  She constantly wears the same grey fleece. I had thought we had passed our issues since getting rid of half her wardrobe. So I bought her a fleece in a different colour.  I am not a wearer of fleeces probably on account of my age, I did not realise that the inside of every fleece was different and some she could wear and some not.


For our shirts we wanted a softer material which was hard to source when we first started and although our shirts are very popular due to the way they are made up, a full description is available when you click on.

Casual wear

Our jogging bottoms and hoodies I can assure you are very calming soft material.  I made sure we showed it to a wide range of people on spectrum before deciding on it.


We have three types of t-shirts as in my mantra “when you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism” So we do a loose one for those who like short sleeves and also a fitted one with long sleeves.


The Smartknit socks are all totally seamless, we have soft tights and knee socks but they are not 100% seamless but the toe seams have been hand finished so no seam across toes.

Many children can’t verbalise why they don’t like certain things.  If your child is hard to get dressed in morning it could be they simply don’t like the uniform or find socks uncomfortable.