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Hi All, as I said in our Facebook Video I have been busy finding out about all the things that you as parents need to know about, whether you have a child on autistic spectrum or a child with more physical needs.

I was at a show last week for Occupational Therapists and there were many companies there who were showcasing their products.  However among all those people I met with a Mrs Sheila A Brown OBE who is the Chief Executive of a charity called New Life (The Charity for Disabled Children). Now I know we do not class children with autism as having a disability more a different ability. However there are children on the Spectrum who have complicated needs. Just suffice to say this news is for anybody who has a child with any particular need.

They offer a wide range of help from emergency help if an item needed quickly They supply everything from wheelchairs to beds, Sensory Play Pods which they lend out but you can keep changing them as your child grows.

I asked about clothing and they were not sure but basically if your OT knows that something is available which will make your life easier you can apply and have OT confirm it.  This can all be done by filling in a simple form on line. They do help with the weighted items although I should be getting the weighted collar very soon which is considerably cheaper than blankets, gilets etc.

Apparently there are another two which I should have details of soon.

The website and phone number are: and telephone number is 0800 902 0095

If anyone wants anything clarified regarding this please call office on 028 90456027 and just leave a message.

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