Diary of A Mum/Carer/Would Be Entrepreneur Aged 60

24th December 2018


Well this is the last blog of 2018 and as you can see I have aged a few years since I started. Thank you to all of my customers and supporters for giving us the chance to get this far.  It has been exciting, nerve wrecking and sometimes just mad.  I have never worked so hard in my life before.

We started with socks and for about the first eight months that was all we had to sell. We did get our school shirts and trousers, unfortunately not until end of August last year which was a bit late for that year. I can definetly say that this year we are better organised and will be stocking black trouser’s as well as grey. I would get in early though to order as we are doing the National Autism Show in London, in June an last year we practically sold out there and I can’t go back to manufacturer and say I need another hundred pairs of trouser’s and expect to get them in eight weeks.

We had been asked for lots of different items and yes we have greatly added to our range, we now have pjamas with zip up the back, a new tight long sleeved t-shirt which we call hug me t-shirt. The item I have most been excited about is the weighted gilet. It is expensive but I do not have any control over that. It is because it follows our ethos of children not looking different. The only person who would know this is no ordinary gilet is the person wearing it.

I realize this is more an information leaflet than a blog but it will give you an insight into how company is progressing. Excited for coming year when we will be working with University of Ulster to try and design some underwear as I was asked for it quite a lot in London. So all that is left for me to do is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to let you know we have sale on Quote Dec2018 to get three for two on socks and laces and Sale 2018 on everything else except weighted gilet and collar for free postage

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