Diary of a Mum/Carer/Would BE Entrepreneur Aged 60

6th July 2019

Well it has been quite a while since I have written a blog and I used to do one every month.

This one is going to be slightly different, in that I want to let you all know what we as a company have been doing, to help solve your problems. We now have added to our range significantly to bring you the products , you have been asking for. We all know, “when you have met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism, as they are as diverse as any other group of children.

So we will start with school, how can we help? We deliberately started by concentrating on post primary, as we thought it may be the first time your child may have to wear a shirt and proper trousers. Well I am pleased to tell you that this year we have both black and grey school trousers and we are starting at age 7/8 and going up to age 17/18. Our trousers are of excellent quality, the black at the moment are of a slightly heavier fabric, but in a few weeks you will have the choice. All seams on inside are sewn down, they are fully elasticated and the label is in pocket. They are made to look the same as any other pair of school trousers. Next we went to work on shirts and these are very popular going by the repeat orders. They are made from 100% cotton lawn, again all seams on inside are sewn down, the collar is soft as opposed to usual stiff collars in school shirts, but still takes a tie, label in pocket and only the top three buttons are genuine, so it can be put on over head. Next the seamless socks, which need no explanation and our tieless shoelaces, which again, we knew how hard it is to get velcro shoes in larger sizes. The laces are suitable for school shoes, trainers and football boots!!!

We have had a lot of enquiries from parents whose children still require a nappy and were looking for suitable night wear. Again we took this onboard and I am pleased to say we now carry bodysuits which zip up the back so they cannot be taken of. We also carry bodysuits with poppers at bottom and they come either in sleeveless, cap sleeves and polo shirt tops. To all those who have enquired about underwear or have problems with your child taking all their clothes off, coming this week we have a new line , vest and boxer shorts or for girls, pants. These also have a zip at back to prevent your child taking them off. These are made by a lady who has a child on spectrum and are made by her at home.

We have been very busy, one reason I haven’t got around to this sooner. We now also have a further category. This is for weighted items, which your OT may have mentioned to you. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, these items are to ground the child and make them feel calm. Most would buy a weighted blanket, however we have some more portable products which may help your child at school. We have a weighted lap pad which your child can use whilst in school, under the desk and we can do them in the colour of their school trousers, they are also good for travelling and again we can do them in your childs favourite cartoon character or if you would like a nice girlie one with sparkles, which I couldn’t give my daughter as she hates sparkly. We do a weighted collar and you can request what design and fabric you would like it made in. Lastly we have our weighted gilet, which I personally love as it is very stylish, can be washed in washing machine. It is designed so that the only person who could tell that gilet is weighted is the person wearing it.

Well that is nearly all but I must mention our t-shirts, at present only available in black/white. However we can now put whatever slogan on front that you like providing it isn’t rude, against the law etc etc. I also think we may have set a trend, as I see a lot tie dye t-shirts in shops this summer. Again the kids love the fabric, no labels. Just order t-shirt and message us with slogan or email at meta@spectrasensoryclothing.com or check out products on site.

A big thank you to all my customers, to those who take the time to read this I really appreciate it.



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