Hello Folks, it is that time again (another blog) I hear you say. I know I am going to have to change title to get the word pensioner in there. The exciting news for me is that I used my new pensioner bus pass for the first time this week.  I know you are not interested in that but I do have exciting news for you regarding products.

You will have saw our ads for the weighted gilet and the brilliant feed back we had from one of our customers regarding this. Well let me tell you about the weighted lap pad, I got excited when I saw this little item. It is ideal for school as it can be sat of the child’s lap and can be made in colour of school trouser’s so less conspicuous and fairly portable. It could be used for many situations, especially long car journeys. It can also be made with their favourite characters. Lots of different designs, so if you don’t see one on website send us a message and we will get back to you.

And there is more!!!! We now have children’s collars, they are called snake collars as they fit around the neck. These of course are weighted as well and again the idea is make your child feel more grounded and secure. Again they come in many different designs and I will repeat myself by saying if we don’t have what you like message me. I am sure by now you are feeling excited (probably not) . There are also three options with the snake you can have both sides cotton, one side cotton and the other fleece or both sides fleece.

The other addition to the range has practically sold out and not to people on spectrum, it is the marble maze, very simple idea the fabric is made into one square complete with little maze and you have to use the marble inside to get around the maze.  Actually very calming and gives children something to do with their hands. As I said my friends when they saw them bought them for their children (or so they said) it was hard to get one out of their hands. There are options or you can just message us saying whether it is for a boy or a girl.

So people that is the end of the new products for this month although I am off to Birmingham next week when I might find some more.  Let me know what you think, is there something we should be doing or you are looking for?.  To be serious for a moment we do have other products of our own that are not yet manufactured.  This is because we have had no funding at all up to now, we did have help from Invest NI to come up with the products we have and they helped with the cost of the show we went to in London. Other than that, nothing and we have used all our savings and haven’t been able to take a salary at all. I lost sales last year because I only had grey school trousers and not black.  The reason was I couldn’t afford to get both done. I have to say,  we will have black trousers in stock in the next two weeks . The products are being manufactured in UK and you only get a real good price if you are ordering hundreds, I am hoping to get to that stage so I can bring prices down instead of having to put them up.

Well we can’t leave on a downer, so to enable us to get manufacturing the products we need to, we are doing some slogan t-shirts or if you are having a hen/stag, charity event anything that requires a logo we can help.  They will not be on a sensory t-shirt as they are quite expensive but we can do these on ordinary fruit of the loom or buy a marble maze for your child.  At least I am saving on bus fares.

On the old mother bit, my daughter continues to improve, still hasn’t answered the phone at home.  If we need her and are in the car where we have bluetooth we call the house and when it goes to answerphone we keep shouting very loudly as we know she is about and will hear us. She will then text us to see what we ant her for. Like every other one of you I would love to know what she is thinking, she is very adapt at evading your questions for example if I ask about her day her answer is “what’s for dinner tomorrow night or have you fed the cat” Just don’t ask her how you look unless you are ready for the very brutal truth, I know I have been that person. Well today officially the first day of spring to so let’s hope for some better weather. I love all the seasons but I do particularly like spring when we start to see some colour again.

Just a note about all the products above, there is a two week waiting list as they are made to order.


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