Diary of a Mum/Carer/Would be Entrepreneur aged 59 and three quarters

Well fellow travellers on this journey and especially those who have endured these blogs from beginning and followed our story, welcome to my latest news post.

I have lots of exciting news to impart, firstly we know our children haven’t got a disability just a different ability. My reason for stating this will become clear as you read on…

We have added to our range because some lovely customers had requested particular items.One of them is the pyjamas that zip up the back ensuring child cannot get at pants or nappy and we do these up to age 14. Along the same lines we have all in one t-shirts with poppers at the bottom with a tight fit around thigh so there is much less chance of any leaking. These come in various styles, i.e. all in one polo shirt, a vest top t-shirt and an ordinary crew t-shirt.

I met a young couple at Kennedy Centre some weeks ago, who stopped at our pop up shop and told me about her daughter who was 3 and on the spectrum.  She was still in nappies but the young mother said she dreaded going into her room in the morning as she tended to take nappy off and make a bit of a mess. I really felt for her as I do remember that was one of the things you looked forward to in the morning, giving them a little cuddle and trying to persuade them to come to your bed in the hope of getting an extra 20/30 minutes before having to get up.

She told me that she had searched internet for products or advice. I did not have pyjamas with me that day but quickly sent my long suffering husband back to premises to get some. The girl practically cried when she saw them. So if you know anyone that would benefit from these please pass on our information.

By now most of you will know that I like our items to look like any other shirt, t-shirt and trousers. So to this end I have brought in some weighted gilet’s they are very attractive and the only people who would know this is a specialist one, is the wearer. Please have a look on website, they come in adult sizes as well. They are not cheap but as I bring these items in, it is out of my control. I am waiting on some weighted collars which could be worn under a coat or just to put on when needed. I do not have price for them but they will be considerably cheaper. At minute there is a maximum of 3 weeks to wait for delivery on gilet’s.

Right my cherished followers and customers on the website, under news you will see information regarding a very important charity (this is where the word disabled comes in) it is in their title. It covers all of UK and their help is for those who need specialist equipment (sensory playrooms) they provide up to date wheelchairs and there is such a variety of items for the bathroom as well as every other room. I did ask about clothes, for example if your child needed our shirts, would they help then. It hadn’t come up before, although they do state they do not provide for weighted items. Although uniforms might possibly be eligible for grant. They advised that you put in application. A OT’s input would be needed. However if someone is in dire need for wheelchair, they can push that through right away. All the details are on website and I am waiting to hear from two more who help through grants.

Reading all this, it is no wonder I am tired.  So the next big thing is Halloween and if your little one has not been able to participate before they can now. Again on website we have a range of spooky t-shirts in our nice sensory fabric. So get looking I will put pictures up next week.

Now it is bittersweet to say it, but my lovely Kirsty turns 18 in November. She is on  spectrum and she looks like she is 14. The only good thing about this is, no interest in make up, clothes, music all things that other girls her age would be into.

She wears jeans constantly, doesn’t even possess a dress, hates shopping and only wants to be taken to a crystal shop so she can buy more.  I was quite surprised last week, Usel had taken them to museum at Botanic and Kirsty who is not known for splashing her cash only bought a book at £20. All to do with rocks, crystals etc. Oh she wants  lots of food on her birthday as well (so afternoon tea) and then  family dinner at Shandon Park Golf club (not on same day) We will all go with the Carvery except Kirsty who will order steak.

Quite expensive to keep on the food side, she would not dream of going to McDonalds, Burger King etc. She does have a boyfriend now, she had one previously who lived in Dublin which was a good distance away so they could only see each other if we and his parents met up half way. Didn’t end well. More about Kirsty next time I could write a book on her.

PPS After Halloween we will be getting our lovely comfortable red joggers and our Santa t-shirts.

Till next time…bye from Meta. x

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