2nd July 2018

Calling all mothers who need a break now that school holidays are upon us and it’s only the first day…

I feel a competition coming on! Email me or pm me with a slogan your child would like to see on a t-shirt and I will let my daughter Kirsty pick the winner and you get t-shirt printed and sent to you for free. I look forward to seeing the entries!

Well it has indeed been quite a while since I kept you updated on our progress…

Let’s start with the mummy part: My daughter is getting worse, taking her shopping (that is when I can get her away from the Xbox) is very stressful. She refuses to try any new style of anything and doesn’t like a lot of items suggested for her, by me, or staff in the shops.

She wants new trainers and I am already dreading going.  Suffice to say her favourite day of the week is the one she spends at Cats Protection League. I had been promising to get up to see her at work in it and I did last week. She only wanted us up, to try and bribe us into taking in another kitten. Thank goodness for my husband, the sane one who knows that two cats and a dog which is our current situation are too many animals to have.

On to business, there is a lot to say about it and I am excited by some of the things happening: Firstly we went to the National Autism Show in London which was amazing. We met with many people, both professionals and parents. We actually sold out of some of our stock, so have orders waiting to be filled.

The tieless shoelaces were really popular as where socks, t-shirts and shirts. The result is I have had to order new stock. Things are moving fast so please do not leave it until the last minute if your child needs a shirt.  We have also decided to make slogan t-shirts and we will have them on website very soon, at present only black and white, but they can have whatever they wish on it (providing it is legal and not offensive).

We realise our products can be expensive but that comes down to fabric and getting them manufactured in UK so we are doing a range for siblings if they want similar slogans and they will be cheaper as I don’t have to pay so much for fabric and can buy them  in cheaper.

The first slogan one we are doing is “Floss like the boss” with a figure doing the floss. To be honest at my age I had never heard of it and didn’t know what it meant but apparently kids do. The sibling t-shirts we will have different colours in. I was keeping away from having the word autism on t-shirts as some may not like to advertise it but, my daughter wanted one made although I knew she would never wear it saying, “I have autism what’s your problem”.

We are providing a service for all you parents out there, you only have to look at video where Leeanne is talking and look at what Tillie has written about products.

I had loads of questions from people while at show about underwear and to be honest, iis a problem I have with my daughter so I really do understand.  I think it may be the next item we try to design and get manufactured, it will be difficult as I think we attempted it before.

Look on the bright side though, we will have plenty of t-shirts for you to choose from and believe it or not we are already looking at Christmas and winter clothing. I lost a week as I was ill when I came back from show and ended up in hospital with pnemonia. I got out on the Friday and was at my desk on the Monday. I honestly think I should have taken longer but didn’t want to miss manufacturer’s slot.

PS Don’t forget we now have onesies for those that need held with toiletry needs and pj’s with zip in back for same.

Any questions just get back to me, if you can come to premises, let us know you are coming so we can make sure you get a time-slot that’s quiet, which is something all mother’s will need for next 8 weeks.


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