1st September 2019

Where has the time gone, the holidays seem to fly by, that is easy for me to say as I don’t have little ones at school. My daughter is 18 now, and is getting a little more social now, but that is only if she knows you. We had a meeting last week with a lady from Usel (the place where Kirsty goes to) It was about her moving on to another programme as after being there for two years already, she has attained her GCSE Maths and she did English last week, no results yet. I felt so sorry for lady as Kirsty just sat and looked at her and didn’t answer any of her questions. It is a challenge with a child on spectrum but many do go on to achieve things doctors told us they wouldn’t, She is great fun at times now, she even talks at the dinner table, We spent years around the table with her, trying to drag a conversation out of her. She will stay in our company, for a very limited time. There are so many things she still has to learn, mainly to do with the social norms. When we did the emoji t-shirts, at first I thought, for non verbal children, but then I thought of Kirsty who can talk but has no idea about facial expressions, Hence the smirking when getting told off. No doubt when my time comes, Kirsty will be sitting laughing at my funeral and it won’t be because she is happy to see me go, she just won;t have any idea how to show proper emotion.!!!!

Now back to the business, we have been been very busy. I am also on some support sites and there are two in particular (American sites) and sometimes it is so hard to read them, as well as those from here. Many with no husband or no family near them, The thing that upsets them the most is when their families don’t understand and think their child is spoilt or question the way they parent. As many of you will know when it comes to our children, you pick your battles. Many bring their children to our premises and you know, that is great, we love to try and interact with them.

We still have products to get manufactured but busy with uniforms at minute. I just want to say that if your child is causing you and themselves stress, in the mornings, it could be because of uniform, but they don’t know how to verbalise it. If this is you, please go to website and watch one of our customers talk on video about her problems. This is why we started with post primary as knew it was first time they are having to wear proper shirt and trousers.

We have added a lot of new products , which you have asked us for, we now have ear defenders (headphones) and worry eaters, underwear and at last books which we will be constantly adding to. We listen to the things you want. .We did have a customer in earlier this week who was looking for ear defenders, she stated that she thought we would have them as we are known for our autism clothing. We do have some weighted products, especially a weighted lap pad, which is good for travelling but also for school as can be made in school colour of trousers to make it less noticable under desk. We want to be your one stop shop. I would say though our shirts and trousers have been really in demand this year and we have sold out of some sizes and have quite a long waiting list. However we should have these products with us by next Friday.

I usually like to think I can inject some humour into writing, but because I have saw so much first hand this week of parents really struggling and of some very unhappy children. I just can’t. As we intend to be a one stop shop for all things related to autism, if we don’t have something you need, let us know. Do have a look at website www.spectrasensoryclothing.co.uk.

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