Spectra Sensory Clothing Testimonials

It’s always great at Spectra Sensory Clothing to get feedback about our autistic clothing and share that with our customers. Thank you. 

“These shirts are the most helpful thing because of the label, It’s in the pocket so it doesn’t annoy me. This shirt is my favourite and I try to wear it whenever I can! Now for the socks, they are the most comfortable things ever I have ever worn! If I were to say anything bad about the shoe laces, I would be wrong because there is nothing bad to say about them! The worst thing is if you put them on the wrong way round “cough” My mum “cough” but that is the good so they wont come off when running or walking! Just picked up two school shirts for Tillie, no seams, no labels, softer collar and only 3 buttons to do up with a larger hole for the top button! Here’s hoping I’ll not be dressing Tillie in September!“
Tillie Hamilton
"Incredible value and great service"
County Down, N.Ireland
My son (who has Aspergers and sensory issues) started secondary school last week and found he couldn’t wear the school shirts I’d bought because they were too stiff. Having searched the internet and emailed spectra re the sizes of their school shirts I ordered one of their white shirts. It came within a couple of days and it seems that my son approves of the feel of the shirt, especially the soft collar. Very impressed with responses to my emails and the prompt posting of the shirt. Thanks Meta
Great idea from a parent who knows what is needed. I have just ordered a soft collared shirt for my 14 year old son for school, and believe me I have searched high and low so looking forward to receiving it and making the boy happy, and my mornings easier. Much better than being strangled by an old, too small shirt!
Sue Stocks
"The uniforms from Spectra have made such a difference to our school day!"
Melbourne, Australia
"Chausettes incroyables. Mon fils est trop heureux" ("Incredible socks. My son is so happy")
Loire, France

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