Christmas Autism

Christmas and the Spectrum

Christmas and the Spectrum. Well it is that time of the year again, and whilst we struggle about what to buy for people, buying for people on spectrum is a lot harder. Believe me I know. I don’t know about you, but my daughter never asks for anything and sees no need for anyone to buy her something she does not need.

For example two years ago, we all came downstairs and both the children have presents, which despite their age we still put out, after they have gone to bed. Kirsty just opened hers, looked at the gift and then tossed it aside (not a word by the way) This was going on and then she came to the present her brother had bought her and by this time I am praying she will show something like gratitude or enthusiasm, we got a flicker of what looked like Christmas Spectrumgratitude. It is not because my daughter is rude or ungrateful, she isn’t, she does not understand the social niceties and always speaks the truth.

We were going to my sisters later that day and I had words and told she would have to say something for example “I love that”. Well we arrived and she was given a bag of presents, the first one she opened was a watch, I am waiting with bated breath and what did Kirsty say “you might have put it to the right time”. Next day nephew home from London, again presents are exchanged and I though I would help her along, so he preceded to give her gift, I am going “that’s beautiful, watch I may take it off you” her answer “you can have it now if you like”

Christmas and the Spectrum – we have some good ideas for you 

So that is how Christmas is, in our house with a child on spectrum. If you want to give a family with someone on spectrum, look no further, we have added to our products, if you give someone our socks, they won’t be disappointed with our seamless ones. We have books for children and parents, ear defenders, worry eaters, we can even do a sensory t-shirt with a slogan of your choice. Look out for our Christmas t-shirts coming soon and definitely do not miss sale starting on January 1st.

I cannot bring myself to utter the traditional greeting just yet as still November.

You can read more about our Spectra Sensory journey here or over on the Belfast Telegraph newspaper online



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