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(Warning long post) The first part to get through is the shopping. Not many children like shopping to be fair, but at this time of the year, Santa is your bargaining tool. With a child

8 Top Tips For Helping Your Autistic Child Sleep Better

For most people, getting the recommended amount of sleep per night is no challenge and the occasional late night rarely has a long-term impact. However, for autistic children and their parents, bedtimes can be difficult

Meta Spectra Sensory Clothing NVTV Interview

Interview with NVTV – Meta Auden

Watch Spectra Sensory director Meta Auden interview with NVTV. NVTV, also known as Northern Visions Television, is a local community television station based in the city of Belfast. Spectra Sensory Clothing is a Belfast based apparel

Kelly's Autism Story

Kelly’s Autism Story

If you are reading this I am so thankful that you decided to read ‘Kelly’s Autism Story‘, and wanted you to maybe have a look at a little part of our world and the joys