What inspired Spectra Sensory Clothing?

As the mother of a beautiful Autistic child, I have experienced first hand the difficulties in finding sensory clothing for my daughter. Clothes she would not only wear, but also enjoy wearing. Many parents will relate to the sense of relief when you find that one jumper your child loves, coupled with the frustration when they won’t wear anything else.

Speaking to other parents who have children on the spectrum has been absolutely vital in helping me adapt my approach to my own parenting. One recurring issue experienced by many within my network has been the difficulty in finding sensory clothing. Particularly for those occasions where that favourite jumper might not be appropriate, such as going to school or special occasions.

In 2017 we got to work on a huge research project. We spoke with parents around the world and gained feedback on which specific aspects of clothing caused sensory discomfort and irritation amongst their children.


From there we began piecing together how we can develop a range of clothes specifically designed for children and young adults whose sensory needs. Needs that are not met by traditional school uniform and casual attire. I’m pleased to say that our adaptive, specialist sensory clothing range has been supporting parents all over the world since then.

What makes Spectra Sensory products  special?
Feedback from parents is at the heart of our design process, every single adaptive feature has been informed in collaboration with the people who know best – children and their parents.

Our school uniform range has been designed to be indistinguishable from traditional uniform and comes with no itchy and annoying seams or washing labels, as well as a soft and gentle alternative fabric. We understand the stress that getting dressed can have on children with Autism or sensory issues, that’s why all of our range has been designed not only to provide comfort but also to promote a level of independence in getting dressed. From t-shirts and jogging bottoms which can be worn either way around or inside-out, to the elasticated waist-bands in our school trousers. Your child will have an easier time getting dressed in the mornings or after P.E. with Spectra Sensory Clothing.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance please get in touch.

To find out a little more about our story. Our regional  newspaper the Belfast Telegraph put together a news piece detailing our journey.  You can also watch a TV interview with Meta Auden on our YouTube channel.

Meta Auden Kirsty Auden
Meta Auden Spectra Sensory Clothing
Meta Auden Spectra Sensory Clothing
Meta Spectra Sensory Clothing NVTV Interview
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